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How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger

In case you are not kidding concerning diaryging and obtaining a lot of traffic to your blog, introducing Google Analytics on your diary is associate degree unquestionable demand. 

Google Analytics could be a suite of web site} traffic apparatuses that help you screen your site traffic even as wherever your traffic is returning from and parcels a lot of. 

Fortunately, it's too straightforward to feature Google Analytics to Blogger. Since could be a Google organization, they've created the procedure past easy. 

I will walk you thru the whole procedure of agreeing to just accept Google Analytics even as introducing it on your blog. 

Step by step directions to feature Google Analytics 

How to Add Google Analytics

Stage 1: Create an Account for Google Analytics 

Go to the Google Analytics page. Sign in utilizing your Google account email. For, you'll be able to utilize an identical email you utilize for your diary. You should check in f…

How To Automatically Optimize Images For SEO

Never forget Image Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is not only about doing keyword researches and building strong backlinks, there are some little but vital SEO techniques of Image Optimization.

Why should I do Image Optimization?
       Images have a great effect in a blogs/websites SEO and articles ranking on search results. Google/Bing uses the keywords in your images alt texts, alt titles and src to display images each time a visitors search a particular keyword. Image optimization also helps search engine bots to detect the meaning of your images from alt titles and text.

Read More: How to Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools on Blogger How To Do Image Optimization For SEO?     In the previous post, I made on the post how to improve SEO with image optimization. But optimizing each image can be very difficult which brings us to the main deal. Today I'm going to tell you how to automatically do Image optimization for SEO. By just adding a javascript code in your…

2 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Showing Up On Google Search Engine

Google still remains the best search engine to gain a lot of organic traffic from without stress. If your blog is missing on Google, then you are losing a lot of traffic which has a lot of negative effects on your blog ranking. This also affects your SEO ranking, other competitors of your niche will rank more than you in SEO, which will keep your blog down in the mould.'

I was inspired to write about this due to the complaint of my content readers, that their blogs are missing on Google Search engine. Well, I say its a bad thing for your blog not to show up on Google Search engine, you are missing a lot.

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Every blogger loves traffic, as it encourages us to write more if we know there is someone out there reading. If you're not appearing on Google Search Results, worry no more and follow the below procedures on how to make your blog visible on search engines.

How To Make A Blog Appear in Google Search Results In this tutorial, we wi…

Submit A Sitemap To Bing Webmaster Tools

In the last post, I discussed how to submit a blog's/website Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Now I will tell you about with another SEO booster. If your site showing up only in the Google Search engine, then why not make it show up in Bing Search engine. Today I will teach you how to submit your blogger/website Sitemap to Bing webmaster tools.

      A Sitemap is a structural data that contains all the sections of blog's pages and posts on a blogger blog. This makes it easy for search engine bots/web crawler to analyse the content and pages on your blog. A Sitemap must be submitted to the search engine for indexing and crawling on your site to show up in search results,. If you want to get lots of real visitors then add your blog's Sitemap to Bing webmaster tools is compulsory.

Bing Webmaster Tools       Bing webmaster tools is a set of tools powered by Yahoo but later it changed the name to bing. When this tools used properly it makes your site to show up in Bing top Se…

How to add a cookie consent notification to Blogger?

Cookie Consent Code GeneratorGo to the link a theme - where the cookie consent notification should appear. There are six options - full-width top, full-width bottom, pop-up right with a dark and light background. Choose any one you desire and click 'Continue'Customize the message and button text displayed if desired.Add a link to your cookie policy page if you have. If not, leave blank to use the default link.Click ContinueCopy the code generated as per the settings applied above

Integrating with Blogger:

Login to your Blogger dashboardClick Layout > Add a gadget > Choose HTML/JavascriptPaste the code generated from the above stepSaveYou may keep the gadget anywhereSave ArrangementView your blog to check out the cookie notification.
       If you need to edit the message you can do so by going to, re-customize and get a new code. You can also edit the message by ed…

Free Download Premium Flat Mag Blogger Template v1.2

Free Download Premium Flat Mag Blogger Template v1.2
Flat Mag Blogger Template v1.2 is a simple and clean mag styled web design that comes with a fresh flat stylehaving a great responsive design that supports many electronic devices includingmobile phones and computer PCs etc. This web theme is undoubtedly perfect formagazine, News or for Personal websites. It has a great looking structure that isfully user-friendly, moreover, it is advanced Optimized for search engineoptimization on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It has Post by Labeloption, Flat UI Interface Style, Google Fonts and much more other greatfeatures have been added in this latest pack.

Flat Mag Responsive Blogger Template is a multi-purpose straight Blogger template precisely designed for multimedia, news bulletin, Entertainment and Technology blogs. With an elegant green color scheme, FlatMag gives your visitors the experience of their life as they go through the responsive and flexible design. It has a lot of useful …