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Android Recovery-The Best Data Recovery Software for Android Smartphones

Android Data Recovery

Restore text messages, WhatsApp chat history, call history, contacts from Android phones directly.
Compatible with a broad range of Android smartphones and tablets like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Motolora, Google, Acer, etc.
Retrieve photos, video, audio and documents lost due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, etc., from SD cards inside Android devices.
Recover data from Broken Android like a cracked screen, water-damaged, black screen.
Fix your bricked Android devices without data losing.

How the Android Data Recovery works Android Data Recovery can restore any Android lost data whatever reasons-operation system corruption during software updates or new ROM flashing, accidental deletion, screen broken and more.

Just 3 easy steps to recover lost data on Android mobile phones:
Step 1: Connect your Android device to a computer
Step 2: Scan the Android device or backup
Step 3: Preview and recover your lost data on Android…

Restore Lost iPhone Data after iOS 9 Upgrade

So far, even many Apple users have just to update their iOS devices to the latest iOS 8 system, However, many of the more forward-looking users have set their sights on the upcoming of iOS 9. Apparently, they have a variety of expectations to the new iOS 9, including in respect of contextual model, documentaries, multiple user login, control centre, F.lux, XCode for iOS, game centre and more. In terms of response data before updating to iOS 9, relative to the previous iOS 7 and iOS 8, users who will seem relatively calm, either backup or restore, it's as simple. However, on the question of how to backup data from iPhone before iOS 9 upgrade, and how to restore lost data after updating to iOS 9, is there a common node exists? The answer is obviously to put in front of all users, that's the iPhone Data Recovery.

As the iDevice users all known, iPhone Data Recovery can not only transfer all data from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to PC/Mac and iTunes for backup, but also allows…

Top 6 Best Android Photo Recovery Apps and Software without Root

Primary Reasons for Deleted Images on Android Before getting these photo recovery apps and software, you should first understand the common causes of photo deletion: Hasty removal of memory cardsMemory card formatting errorUnexpected power failure during the copying processVirus attack that corrupts imagesIncorrect ejection of memory cardAccidental pressing of delete optionUsing one card for several gadgetsClicking photos continuously without pausesIgnoring full memory and low battery warnings
You’re in the process of tinkering with your Android device. Suddenly, you delete an image or several images accidentally. Fear not, you can always get an affordable photo recovery app. This state-of-the-art software helps Android users get back erased images from the hard drive, Secure Digital (SD) or memory cards, and digital cameras.
1. DiskDigger Photo Recovery DiskDigger undeletes and helps restore deleted photos from the internal memory or memory card. You may upload recovered files to Drop…